RP Reconstructed Leather Kerchief


Black Patchwork Leather and Bone Berber Wool Neck Cowl


Our double-layered neck snugglers are for those who seek both ease and practicality while keeping the chill off your neck. Perfect for any weather, this snuggler can be bundled up underneath a jacket or a coat. Neck cowls also look great as an outer accessory with a tank top on a chilly night. Over time it will relax island the aging of the leather and sweater with wear is flattering and comfortable. 

Both warm and lightweight, and versatile in today’s challenging times, this RP Neck Cowl doubles as an accessory and protection. Easy to accessorize with any outfit, our double-layered neck snugglers are cozy, versatile pieces that are perfect for anyone’s protective needs. 

 I wear a lot of tank tops with my neckwarmer during the in-between seasons, or indoors to keep the air conditioning off my neck and ears. Different than as scarf as it does not unravel, it styles secure with a one or two snap shape. 

  • One size fits most
  • Bone Colored Berber Wool w/ Leather Outer Shell.
  • Made In Asheville NC USA
  • Pull over the face for extra protection.
  • As daily wardrobe for an extra layer of warmth.
  • To protect and keep the neck warm.
  • Use brass snaps to close around the neck.
  • Spot wash by hand. Hang dry.

Measurement –

Length: 13 in.

Width: 12 in.

Black Leather: 5 in.