RP Reconstructed Neckpiece


Black Leather Scarf with Floral Metal Medallion


Not only are our one of a kind neck adornments stunning eco-fashion, but they are also perfect for keeping your neck protected and guarded against Mother Nature’s powerful elements as well as keeping not so pure jewelry metals from getting in your skin. We use mixed upcycled materials and factory leather scraps to create one of our favorite styles, the leather neck fringe.  Enhance any formal dress, casual streetwear, business suit, or as a wild adorned fetish centerpiece with less dress.

We make strong leather statement pieces for strong bold beings. We love upcycling hardware from discarded and broken handbags, belts, and various vintage, antique and modern jewelry. We use all of these elements to create interesting and unique personal adornments. We strive for comfort, balance, and quality in each piece. Sizing is included in the price, let us know how we can perfect and personalize this piece for you or a loved one. We also make custom pieces, from our resources and collections or from your own. Give us a message if you are interested in a custom creation. 

  • Recycled Black Leather
  • Leather Shoulder Extension
  • Front Ornamental Adornment
  • Silver & Copper Hardware
  • Brass Snaps to Close
  • Hydrate with your favorite leather cleaner
  • Spot Wash by hand. Hang Dry.
  • Constructed by hand in Asheville, NC