RP Reconstructed Sweater


Deep Forest Green Fisherman Knit Hoodie w/ Astrology Wheel Front Patch



Sweaters are one of creation’s best inventions and with your help, we have vowed to keep as many as we can from reaching the landfill. We use all kinds of materials and take care of them in their special way. We love to cheer them up and get them ready for their next life. Please read the washing instructions because each sweater is different. Sweater care is an essential part of a good looking, long-lasting, and fresh sweater. Over-washing can be prevented by sunbathing, spot washing, and using RP Dragon Mist spray on your sweater. Handprinted Cosmic Clock Patch – cut and sew

          “The Cosmic Clock was designed by Warren Kenton to help in the study of Astrology.   On its outer rim can be seen the Zodiacal Signs and Mundane Houses with keywords that define their function. The inner circle is composed of the triangles of the four elements, the ruling planets in their active and passive roles as well as the mythical and astrological aspects of this ancient cosmology.

   This image on a wall allows its symbolism to sink in overtime. When its archetypal language is absorbed, it becomes increasingly real and relevant to personal development. This is the aim of such a mandala.”       Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi (creator of this mandala)

  • Small
  • 100% ACRYLIC
  • Jade Green Hoodie
  • Fisherman Knit
  • Astrology Wheel Front Patch
  • Handwash in cold. Lay flat to dry.