RP Reconstructed Blazer


A Tailored Black Blazer with Spike Embellishments



A strong capsule wardrobe is always best when they include a few strong and fit blazers. A go-to, classic tailored look for all body types and talents. Blazers are a great wardrobe option as they can range from casual with jeans to dress up with a pencil skirt. Our reconstructed blazers include a collection of strong style lines with places to go and people to talk to. We use studded and leather accents, tiebacks, cuff, collar, and hoods to create variations to our new to you blazers. A casual and simple, flattering, creative power. Providing a practical walk in with a mode of preservation in unique  #ooak style. 

  • Medium – see measurements below
  • Hollow upcycled spike beads, studs
  • Made for all who desire a sleek and tailored fit along with some artful accenting.
  • Our reconstructed blazers are chosen for their luxurious fabrics, cozy liners, and proper fit in the shoulders.
  • Handmade in Asheville NC USA
  • Reconstructing Blazers is a worthy endeavor as so many of them are discarded season to season as professionals upgrade and grow.
  • Dry Clean and Spot Wash Only – Turn inside out, spray essential oils, and put in the sun to disinfect


Sometimes something becomes timeless because of how effortlessly it borrows from different times. This RP Spike Imperial Jacket gives a nod to the sleek design of military costume but with a softened edge courtesy of softer, femme shoulders, and a beautifully tapered silhouette. Sleek monochrome buttons lead down from a perfect mandarin collar.

Vintage silver rivets add a touch of brightness and interest to the shoulders, as well as the front pockets. In the back, lightweight silvertone spikes are hand-sewn to accentuate the graceful lines of the waist, and another constellation of rivets forms a focal point at the neck.

Measurement: Bust – 35
Length – 23.5
Waist – 30 in.
Sleeve – 22 in.