RP Reconstructed Utility Strap


Black Leather Ranger Utility Strap

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This piece of simple and straightforward utility is a response to customers asking us at the shop for utility straps for camping, the apocalypse, and festivals, things they might find useful in that survival kinda way – “you know, just leather straps I can wrap around myself and clip stuff onto”  So eventually we did create some prototypes. They seem to be having a good response. We use layers of belt scrap and rivets, d rings, leather loops, and clips to randomly utilize this leather strap. You can tuck and tie, clip and slide, the extra-long utility strap can cross over the chest or loop around the waist or hips. Using deconstructed hardware from tired and forsaken bags and purses keeps it interesting and abundant.

If you have any questions let us know! We also make custom utility straps and belts if you have specific needs and items. Contact us HERE to find out more.


Strap Length: 67 in. – 77 in.

Width: 1.5 in.