RP Zero Waste Kerchief


Black and Charcoal Fleece Kerchief


Kerchiefs can be a cozy option for anyone and everyone. Definitely one of the easiest, warmest, and most stylish looks in our arsenal of designs. For the past 13 years the neck warmer or “snuggler” has been in our production in some way or another because it is one of the best items to make from our scraps! Two layers of this material and that and boom! add a snap and a secure, stylish warmth is achieved. We make reconstructed kerchiefs and neck snugglers for all seasons with a mixed media style effect throughout the year. Keep the chill and pollution off your neck.

  • Black & Charcoal No-Pill Fleece
  • Scarf doubles as a face covering
  • Brass Snap to close
  • Handmade in Asheville, NC
  • Spot Wash by hang. Hang dry

Measurement –

Length (Neckline – Snap to Snap): 19.5 in.

Width: 15 in.