Ruby Athena Mermaid Skirt


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Sexy and stylish with a mythological essence! Our hand-dyed bamboo mermaid skirt is a precious and sensual wardrobe staple.  The mermaid skirt fits like a pencil skirt; it gracefully embraces the body, emphasizing your figure, and flares at the bottom to show off those cute ankle bracelets. The mermaid skirt is a power piece, making you own and love your body, curves, and shape, having you showcase it to the world.


  • Light Weight Comfort
  • Bamboo / Spandex / Jersey Fabric
  • Fish Tail Bottom
  • Pencil Fit

Composition: Bamboo / Spandex / Jersey

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and dry with all the rest.

Size: Medium

  • Waist: 28 in. - 30 in.
  • Hip: 24 in. - 28 in.
  • Length: 31 in.


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