RP Reconstructed Gauntlets


Handmade Black Leather Gauntlets


A sculptor sits before the material at their altar, ready to spring the energy to life. The bold statement of the Sabertooth Gauntlet are messages on the air: be ready, be true, take care. Strips of repurposed leather cut with precision, resembling the tips of raptor wings, or the cunning tooth of the cat of legend, each set with antiqued brass rivets to create a mosaic of power and grace.

Gladiator straps hold the gauntlets snugly against the forearm, and suddenly the art of the sculptor sparks the imagination, giving rise to movement, purposeful form, or a ritual dance. Such rare pieces strike a spark in the mind, channeling ancestry, animal instinct, and the architecture of the human body.

Leather ages beautifully and grows deeper, and richer, with time. These gauntlets will become treasured heirlooms, part of a collection of meaningful treasure.

We care deeply for the safety of our sisters and brothers – we pray for their protection and freedom.

Model Measurement –
Length: 12 in.
Top Width: 8 in.
Bottom Width: 9.5 in.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs