Sheer Black Athena Dress


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A whisper through midnight gazes and tight fit views, this warm black satin look alike all over floral seethes with the sensual mystery of elusive nights. This signature RP convertible triple goddess dress is one of our favorites from this sultry collection release. We had to get some elegant, glamourous drama for the collection and this lingerie heavyweight cutout fabric was definitely an instilled inspiration upon finding it rummaging through the bin. Post manufactured scrap is one of our most decadent resources. We can usually find a yard or 4 of something interesting. This has been part of the onward journey to using bamboo-for some for sure to be worth its patterns.  This sensual look maybe might not be ideal for everyday use, or a reliable source, it is what we do. This fabric is not garbage- it is amazing.

Alluring sensual, sexy playful, creating dynamic images, stretchy nylon lingerie, factory runoff, sheer, open geometric, woven patterns, Athena dress variation, seductive, and sultry. Layered with bodysuits, lingerie, or leather on top and full-on fashionable courage – made for boudoir, club, dungeon, firepit, white couch, and anywhere you can get away with this much sensual skin play.

Sizing- We have 3 “one size” fitting dress sizes 2-6 – if you are unsure send us a photo, these dresses are more about curves and proportions than measurements.  send photo HERE

In true slow fashion style, our creation process is – same, same, different.  Classic drapery style, each dress is made individually and often time has small variations in size, length, and shape of the bottom of the dress. The materials vary with their flow and stretch depending on fiber content. We mainly use a bamboo lycra rayon blend and sometimes we use end bolts of various materials. Each material gives its own unique energy to the design. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about the sizing. Sending a pull body photo is always the best way for us to understand your size and shape.

Simple, comfortable, and classic, the Athena dress is phenomenally versatile. Creating a variety of different necklines and looks while keeping an alluring and edgy shape. The Athena dress works for many occasions whenever you desire both comfort and elegance. It’s a fantastic travel dress, lounge dress, and dinner dress. It meets so many wardrobe needs, with layers or alone, we are sure that you’ll wear it often.

The dress is shown- Nylon and % Lycra Spandex
Wash in cold and dry on low heat or hang dry.