RP Reconstructed Harness


Scorpion Armor Heart Guard Harness

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Sacred to Selket, the scorpion represents the universe’s permission to embark upon rejuvenative change. Sultry rose-hued chains become a ladder that takes us from our center to our throat, up and out, our proclamation to the world.

At Royal Peasantry, we express our loyalty with our hands and with our vision. Woven, reclaimed chain, vintage trinkets and amulets, coins and rivets, buckles and rich leather merge and emerge to tell a story of both creation and phoenix-like recreation.

Our harnesses create a novel accessory: something that becomes a part of you, and which brings together a bold, vibrant look no matter what you layer it over.

Model Measurement –
Length: 9 in.
Neckline Width: 11 in.
Ties: 40 in.
Side Strap (Top to bottom of the strap): 18 in.

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