Reconstructed and Spiked Arm Guards



We will hold each other in warmth and good feelings – We will be there as things change and transform.

Spikes are a warning.

Images alone do not do these works of art parading as accessories justice: this RP Leather Gauntlet is fiery and fierce, a statement of personal power, and worthy of achieving heirloom-status in your wardrobe.

Crafted from vintage, upcycled cowgirl boots, buffalo hide, and screw-on steel longhorn spikes the workmanship is exquisite and looks one of a kind. Leather ties secure the gauntlet to your arm. If preferred, studs can replace the steel spikes, and buckles can be used instead of the leather ties.

A leather cuff is simple and satisfying, a durable and comfortable accessory. Like all leather, it molds to the wearer and transforms over time.

Perfect accents for the rough and tough styles. Our cuffs are made from the scraps of our work and those of others that we collect. The antique brass snaps are industrial and never seem to give up. We love creating pieces that are one of a kind and quality made.


Measurement –
Width (Upper Forearm) : 7 in.
Width (Wrist- Snap to Snap) : 7.5 in.
Length: 16 in..
Tie Straps: 14 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs