Scrap Leather and Bamboo Fleece Neckwarmer



Stitching together all the scraps to create pieces big enough to turn into neck warmers. Part of the game with using scraps is we never know what we are going to use! This leads to small-batch variation and constant creativity. We often dye the leathers to help them fit into a daily wardrobe a little easier as well as varying charms, braids, and special rivets. No two batches are alike.

This cozy wardrobe accessory is ideal to keep the wind off your neck and your core temperature in balance. Indoors and outdoors our neckwarmers are all-day music! With frequent wear the leather wrinkles and wears just right for a long time feeling of comfort and protection. 

  • Scrap Leather w/ Gloss Finish
  • Bamboo Fabric Inner Lining
  • Leather Braided Embellishment
  • Industrial Rivets & Snaps

Composition: Scrap Leather / Bamboo Fabric / Industrial Hardware

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash by hand. Let Dry.

Size: One size fits all

  • Width (Snap to Snap): 31 in.
  • Length (Top to Bottom): 10 in.


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