Black Leather Short Cloak


Matte Black Leather and Grey Fleece Short Cloak

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“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.”

– Tennessee Williams

    Cozy armor willing to walk the whole way home with you. Lifelong and lasting friendship protecting you from the elements and strangers who feel your courageous fire breathing effortlessly. An androgynous cloak that goes on top of everything, the final layer that resonates with simple practicality.  The cloak has a leather front clasp that is riveted with dual leather ties and can adjust to your liking. This leather is a mediumweight, brushed black leather and is going to easily be a wardrobe favorite as it shapes into its owners’ form and function.  The leather hood and poncho lining are made of a very soft charcoal, heavyweight, no pill, poly-fleece. 

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Length: 26 in.

Width: 21 in.

Hood Width: 12 in.

Hood Length: 14 in.

Ties: 16 in.


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