She Wolf Dress – Layered Ivory Lace Empress Gown



 Our She Wolf collection is inspired by the timeless wild women, created especially for the lacy patchwork priestess, the tattered frills of a peasant bride, and the romantic antiquity of nature. Our white dresses are not just for the union ceremony, they are also for the initiate, the hot august afternoon, the jean jacket and boots date, or the white party fundraiser. Where ever you choose to wear your She Wolf dress you will find yourself unique in your creation. 

     We hope the dresses from this collection inspire personal power, listening, believing, and creating a path true to yourself. These are the strengths of the intuitive and divine feminine power that exists within us all and we hope to transfer these gifts within the creations of the She-Wolf Collection. 

    Layers of mixed whites, creams, ivories, sun-stained antique materials, reconstructed lace remnants, vintage slips, hand-crocheted doilies, curtains, discarded veils, and sundresses. Fabrics that represent a century of our wedding culture history, all layered together. We tear apart, transform and redefine the garments that adorn us in the ceremony.

It’s our mission to provide a sound alternative to the mass-produced industry standards of fast fashion. Your support reduces pollution in our environment and reduces the waste of resources. 

* Size – See Model Measurements Below

* Made from Layers of Quality Reconstructed Materials

* Handmade  Made in Asheville NC USA


Bust: 44 in.

Length: 60 in.

Hip: 36

Sleeve: 30

Waist: 36 in.