Stand Alone Hood with Face Mask

Grey and White Plaid Hood with Leather-Trimmed Face Mask


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This practical accessory is a scarf, shrug, hood, and mask all in one. Made from thrifted wool yardage, lined with white gauze, and layered to create a very warm and cozy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Perfect for festivals, burns or to go undetected out in public. This piece is double-layered to protect and keep warm.

Composition: One size fits most. Woven wool and loose white wool. Facemask made of one layer of cotton sweatshirt fleece. Facemask trimmed with leather that ties around the back. Made in Asheville NC USA. Spot wash by hand. Hang Dry

Size: One size fits all

  • One Size Fits Most - Send Head Measurement To Be Fitted


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