Rustic Matte Black Leather Cowl


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Nothing says November better than the deep-toned, nourishing color of the composting leaves in the forest soil. It feels powerful in its dissolve and rich in transformation. The soft velvety slumbered energy of this black walnut neckwarmer is an achievement we are very proud of.

We scored at our bin source a 4-yard strip of leather that was a soft lightweight suede. The color was that made for liners of things, like shoes or purses, a non-color cool grey, already marking up. Yet it was so so soft. We made the snugglers first, lining them with bamboo fleece, leaving some raw edges for flavor and that rustic leaf look. After they were all sewn up, we then submerged them. They processed perfectly with depth and setting. The stain bath created a soft earthy deep brown very protective and warm. A decomposing dust leaf, but strong and made of soft leather.


One of the simplest pleasures in life is the comfort and safety of a neckwarmer. Growing up in Pittsburgh and living in several northern climates has inspired some unique and practical styles, seeing everyone have a different take on ways to keep the neck warm. This double-layered leather and sweater neck snuggler are one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe. Every day I protect my neck and keep my temperature secure. I wear a lot of tank tops with my neckwarmer during the in-between seasons, or indoors to keep the air conditioning off my neck and ears. Different than as scarf as it does not unravel, it styles secure with a one or two snap shape.

Over time it will relax and wrinkle into the most comfortable and warm accessory. The aging of the leather and sweater with wear is flattering and comfortable.

Measurement –
Length: 11 in.
Width: 11.5 in.

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