Teal Hand Dyed Upcycled Shirt


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We all need shirts, and there is no better way to support slow, upcycled fashion than wearing wardrobe staples! Always a nebula of accidental variations and visions, our upcycled shirts bring out the mystical world of color merging. Our process is not tie-dye, it is more spontaneous and organic, rendering our colors and patterns to be unique and at times awe-inspiring. As nature seems to be the best at, so we limit our input and let water and temperature do her thing! We have literal tons of options so we go for the good stuff, well made and the most natural fiber contents are our goal. Our upcycled shirts are all types of blended fiber content, from cotton and nylons to cotton-poly blends. We choose pieces that are sturdy, made of great materials, and a good fit in the structure of the garment. Our process for wardrobe separates is to mend, dye, accent, and sell- getting easy-to-wear pieces back on the streets. 

Composition: Mixed Fabrics

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: Medium