RP Reconstructed Neckpiece


Telepath Full Moon Oracle Neck Piece


The Moon is our magnet, our guide. It stirs the water within us and in doing so, awakens our dreams into reality.

Sculpted into a wearable hieroglyph, the Telepath Full Moon Oracle Neck Piece depicts the phases of the moon, culminating into a bold symbol of the Moon at her most abundant. Shield-like vintage hammered brass draws the eye while simultaneously deflecting negativity. An easy to wear, comfortable piece that is both timeless and courageously current.

Rose gold rivets alternate with darker, gunmetal; graceful dyed black leather fringe follows the form of the body. This piece ties easily at the back of the neck, making it perfect for each body to wear.

Model Measurement –
Length: 14 in.
Width: 6 in.
Tie Length: 35 in.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs