RP Zero-Waste Hip-Scarf


Temple of Self-Care Wrap Skirt

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We wanted to create and capture a wardrobe piece that is the iconic essence of our line here at the design house. A wardrobe piece that is versatile, humble, and sensual in its protective nature. One particular element of my personal style 3/4 of my life has been the presence of a hip scarf. Having a modest and layered look for my leggings, bathing suit and tight skirts gave me a finished reassurance and extra flavor. We decided to go with this flattering and quick-drying nylon stretch for this adjustable booty wrap. A cover to be worn over a sheer skirt, leggings, bathing suit, boudoir styles, photoshoots, pole play, or whatever you can imagine. We created a simple and sensual ritual piece that will last a lifetime. The black nylon stretch has an easy, spotted pattern woven into the fabric and creates a shimmer with its texture. The wrap is sturdy and stretchy at the same time. We used cast off-post manufactured scraps from lingerie makers and all the qualities are very suitable for our intentions.

Features silver hoop accents, gathers, studs, and bamboo braids to tie.

Fits size 40 inches total – one end of the braid to end of braid – meaning the largest is 38 to tie and smallest is about 28 or it can overlap to fit any smaller size.


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