The Caterpillars Pajama Pants


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Not every piece of clothing has to be sensible or practical! Sometimes a fantastical and imaginative wardrobe day is needed! So snuggly and cozy you will find yourself wearing this skirted pant design all the time! Upcycled layers of easy protection and comfort to wear while dancing or lounging. Make it easy on yourself and keep it all connected,  from casual wardrobe occasions to performance and rituals these unique upcycled pants will keep your styles interesting and eco-friendly.  Mixed upcycled materials, studs, and lots of dreamy accents are the main ingredients in all of our fantastical designs! 

  • Upcycled Flow Pants
  • Redesigned with recycled fabrics
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

Composition: Various Recycled Fabrics

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and dry with all the rest.

Size: Medium - Large

  • Waist: 26 in. - 30 in.
  • Hip: 38 in. - 48 in.
  • Length: 40 in.
  • Pants Flare: 36 in. (Circumference)


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