Tigress Urban Fantasy Coat


Black Hooded Urban Duster Coat with Tiger Graphic

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Cozy, functional, and badass; this stylish fantasy coat is handcrafted by our master designers to assemble an exceptional outfit in any season. This coat is designed with a hooded blazer body and duster silhouette, and decorated with drapes of fabric and a tiger graphic for the urban streetwear look. Created from upcycled materials and built to last, this coat will surely compliment your cold-weather wardrobe long into the future.


  • Blazer Body
  • Mixed Fabric Skirt
  • Duster style
  • Leather Trim
  • Tiger Patch
  • Fleece & Filigree hood


Size: Medium

Measurements: Bust: 38 in. | Waist: 34 in. | Length: 54 in. | Sleeve: 24 in. | Shoulder: 33 in.

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash By Hand. Hang To Dry.

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