Black Fringed Leather Belt




Darkness is a creation. It is the womb and the goddess who birthed all other goddesses, Nyx. The dark is the veil and the fervent shadow, filled with promise and power.

The Underworld Ritualist Belt casts a long, beautifully draped shadow over the body, each fringe as dramatic as the feather’s in a raven’s wing. A useful pocket centers the piece with a snap enclosure while antiqued, tiny rivets are set among the currents of black leather-like stars in the sky, and delicate chains ripple outward. Sensual and strong this belt can be worn to the front or the back, even over the shoulders like a cape! (dm us if you can’t figure it out).

This belt wraps around to close in front for extra sensual sturdiness and adjustability. Hand-cut medium weight matter black leather makes this piece eco-luxury at its finest- these discarded hides had imperfections that made them worthless to furniture makers but o us, they are so very valuable. The weight and sway of the fringe is everything we wanted.

Measurement –
Width (Of Cincher): 16 in.
Length: 24.5 in.
Belt (From end to end): 77 in.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs