Unisex Skirt Pants



One of our newest creations, the ‘Skirt Pants’ are our take on simple, yet unique bottoms that can be worn by anyone of any gender. Upcycled pants are saved from the landfill and are processed and dyed in ‘non – toxic, low impact’ stains and dyes, to achieve a wonderful, muted color tone. Asymmetrical fabric hangs in front to give character, while the leather straps, and rings adorn as accents.

These pants are perfect for burns, festivals or for daily wardrobe as a streetwear bottom.


  • Upcycled Cargo Pockets
  • Double Capped Rivets
  • Antique Brass Industrial Snaps
  • OOAK

Composition: Various Cotton Denim and Canvas Blends

Washing Instructions: Wash on cold and tumble dry low

Size: Medium - Large

  • Waist: 32”-36”
  • Length: 33”


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