Upcycled Mixed Material Charmed Peasant Skirt


Starry Night Goddess Skirt


Created for those in desire of formal wear that matches your soulful purpose, earthy dedication, and unique style. These skirts are made from luxury materials with textures and finishes worthy of fancy date nights, formal parties, and soulful ceremonies. Our Charmed Peasant Skirts are a layered, dramatic collection of fabrics and charmed with beadwork, fringes, and trims, collections of chains, studs and vintage finds. When you are looking to empower your dazzle and feel a bit lifted but without supporting the fast fashion industrial complex that is killing our natural world. We make custom creations if you need them. We consider all skirts to be androgynous. 


  • Black and gold beaded belt
  • Velvet Centerpiece
  • Handcut Leather Fringe
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Spot Wash and Hang Dry