Peasant Skirt



Flowing patterns and color themes create this Royal Peasantry standard Peasant Skirt for those of you who love to mix and match patterns and textures. This handkerchief-style circle skirt is perfect for dancing, keeping warm, and lounging. These upcycled skirts are made of various fabrics and can be hand-washed and hung dry. The waistbands are created to be doubled bamboo rayon, using scraps from our zero waste Athena line. With this waistband, you can wear it high-waisted or low-waisted, so let us know if you need any sizing adjustments with your order. 

  • Mixed Upcycled Materials
  • Stretch Waistband
  • Asymmetrical Handkerchief Style Layering

Composition: Mixed Fabrics & Stretch Waistband

Washing Instructions: Wash by hand. Hang dry.

Size: Large - XLarge

  • Waist: 36 in.
  • Length: 42 in.
  • Hip: 34 in.


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