Victorian Western Handmade Choker


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One of the best parts of being an upcycling designer is the diversity of available materials. This unique piece is made from a few donations, and some focused handcrafting. Gifted with a vintage pair of victorian cowgirl boots (that’s the only way I can describe them they were so unique), but unfortunately, they could not be recobbled. So we did the next best thing- cut and shaped until their long-lasting quality, uniqueness, and existence were immortalized.

We use rivets, strong stitches, upcycled leathers, and found treasures to create one of our favorite styles. Enhance any formal dress, casual streetwear, business suit, or as a wild-adorned fetish centerpiece with less dress. 

  • Recycled Leather
  • Chain & Beadwork
  • Tan & Black Leather
  • Adjustable Tie Neckline

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash

Size: One Size

  • Collar Length 9”
  • Collar Width 11”
  • Fringe Length: 12”
  • Tie Length: 12”


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