Plum Goddess Faerie Fantasy Dress


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This profoundly luxurious plum cherry faerie dress is made from layers of hand-dyed vintage silk and constructed with hand stitches and charms. Romantic, dramatic, and beautiful, our faerie dresses are a deep inspiration, one of my firstborn, layered expressions of the wisdom of flowers, wildness, and sensation. Switch up a complex mood with some lightness and beauty, and float between the fringe of reality in our mystical faerie dresses. Wear it daily with boots and sweaters, as a house dress, or use it as a go-to costume for all magical events. Going to or participating in a special ceremony, we also create a custom? Owning an RP faerie dress is way more helpful than you might have thought; go green for a lifetime, not buy a new costume every year, be excited about something you love to wear, and make you feel beautiful and free. 

Our fantasy dresses are created from various layers of nylon slips, curtain sheers, vintage nightgowns, and upcycled materials ranging in a timeline variety of materials. Our faerie dresses are charmed and are as adjustable as we can make them, giving them a long lifespan and sharing. If it glows to us, we use quality, visually and practically our goal.

  • Midi Length
  • Hand Dyed
  • Jeweled Emblem Centerpiece
  • Back Ties

Composition: Mixed Fabrics , Charms, Chains and Trim

Washing Instructions: Sun Bathe, Essential Oil Spray, Spot Wash

Size: Medium

  • Bust: 34 in.
  • Waist: 28 in.
  • Length: 31 in.
Fit Details:

Our faerie dresses can be altered to fit within a few inches. We can also take your dresses even further! Customizing with accessories and added features like hoods and belts! If you have any questions please contact us and we would love to help you out with all your needs.


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