RP Reconstructed Neckpiece


Black Leather Wicked Neck Armor



We spin dreams into magic; you weave magic into reality. Adornments for the wicked, raiments for darkly magical musings, yet conscientiously crafted from upcycled materials so that you can feel good about being oh, so bad.

Six sigils curl their tails on the focal, vintage silver tone medallion that gleams at the center of this piece. Six is the color of balance, and of the speedy Messenger. From this hangs a square of treasure, while tiny vintage rivets span out along the artfully-molded pieces of hand-dyed, black leather.

This neck armor is suitable for both the kept, and the keeper. Easily ties in back for comfort and adjustability.

Measurement –
Length: 8 in.
Width: 6 in.
Tie Length: 31 in.
Shoulder Width: 22 in.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs