White Lace and Pearl Victorian Choker

Ivory Jawbone Relic Neckpiece


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Skin, bone, stones, fur, and feathers, relics of past lives. To wear these pieces is honoring and walking with their being. We do not buy bones or fur, and only occasionally feathers. The feathers on this piece are dove feathers a friend gave us after finding them on a walk. The jawbones were donated by a country-folk friend in PA from her local bone dump from the local hunters. 

The essence of this piece is Winter Solstice, fresh and crisp, dry and white. The lace-like snow and the beads like ice. This dedication piece is formal and fierce. It sits square off the neck a bit and has leather ties to adjust the size.


  • Found deer jawbone with teeth
  • Skeleton key
  • Found dove feathers
  • Hand cut leather fringe
  • White beaded lace

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash


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