Wondering Mage Bamboo Fleece Veiled Hood


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In our world’s classical fantasy styles, we find ourselves with gently powerful archetypes, as we journey we walk together with the Wondering Mage. This practical, hooded, and veiled wardrobe accessory is one of our most popular items for over 15 years.  Our RP signature veiled hood helps to keep the most delicate parts of us protected in unfavorable conditions. Shield the delicate membranes in your nose and ears with a simple and easy cover,  a soulful connection between your eyes and the elements, dance without spectators, hide from the dry wind, or protect your respiration from pollution.

Fabricated to be reversible with two layers of bamboo and organic cotton fabric, these hoods are lightweight and can be worn in almost any weather. Nightfall comes every day.



Length: 20 in.
Width: 11.5 in.

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