Utility Pocket Belt with Knife and Fire Starter


Brown Leather Knife Thigh Holster


This medium-weight durable leather utility belt is made for anyone who is living a practical life and using practical tools. Handmade in our studio with double capped rivets and strong nylon stitches keep our thigh holster working for you for a long time. The pocket on this belt is made to fit bare essentials with a size of 6×4 our standard to fit most phones and wallets. The Knife if lost can be easily replaced, made to cut woodsy things and such, this knife is meant to be a good friend and helper.  Make it easy to find if dropped by tying a colorful fabric on the end or using safety tape. 

The Knife -by MoraKniv-  Prized by bushcrafters and campers from around the globe, the Mora Companion is an excellent, economical outdoorsman’s knife. Great for a variety of scenarios, it features a 4″ stainless steel clip point blade housed in a durable, non-slip TPE rubber handle. 

The Fire Starter – by Master Cutlery – Elk Ridge Fire Starter features water- and wind-proof magnesium fire starter with green injection-molded ABS plastic handles. 

  • Manufacturer Scrap Patchwork Leather
  • MoraKniv  Knife and Sheath
  • 6×4 flat pocket pouch
  • Magnesium firestarter
  • Industrial snaps to close
  • Sturdy leather thigh strap with buckle
  • Sturdy Ring to clip on




Length Fits 30 in. – 36.5 in.

Pocket: 6in. X 4 in.

Knife Length: 9 in. Blade 4 in.