Zero Waste Reconstructed Loincloth


Sensual Black Temple Loincloth


This unique wardrobe piece is something you will find you cannot live without! A practical and often sensual walk back in time, a huntress, a dancer, a warrior, a human, and a lover. To protect and cover our life-giving resources. Why sport a loincloth? Perhaps our ancestors were onto something…Adorned and powerful walking deep within. Whether it is for ritual or wardrobe we create resonance and vitality.

This RP Loincloth catapults your favorite belt into a piece that layers comfortably and beautifully over leggings, a skirt, or a dress, adding modesty and drama while bringing rugged practicality to the forefront. Layers of interest and texture, various fabrics and textiles. Black bamboo fleece base

  • Bamboo Fleece base and added Layers of black upcycled fabric scraps
  • Scrap leather accents
  • Dragon junk accents and bamboo scrap braids
  • This Loincloth ties easily at the side, giving it a range in sizes.


Waist (Width): 11 in. / 22 in.

Length: 23 in.