Repairs, Custom Sizing & Alterations

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Repairs to Previously Purchased Items

Let’s figure out what happened! Did we forget to set a rivet? Did a stitch break? Mistakes happen no matter how much QC we do but they are pretty rare. If it’s our faux pas we will pay for shipping back and forth and fix our mistake at no charge. Life also happens and we can help you fix anything that might happen along your journey. We can also see if someone in your local community can fix the problem (to save shipping and Earth). Either way, contact us at [email protected]

Alterations and Custom Sizing

Let us help you see what can be done! At our physical location, we can usually size on the spot. At the studio, on-the-spot fitting and photo fitting happen between our customers and our seamstress. We can also arrange exchanges, if necessary.

  • Pay for order and communicate with us! Drop a line to [email protected] att: Daniella
  • Take photos of what needs to be sized – at LEAST 5 images at an array of angles.
  • Please be patient. Our work is hand done and there may be several pieces ahead of yours. First come, first served but we are diligent in trying to make it in less than a week.
  • If you would like to touch base, feel free to take a business card and text or email us.

Common sizing issues worth working on! GO LOCAL! Is there someone local that you could hire? Auntie? Neighbor? Easy stuff like hem lines, side seam cinches, waistband cinches, shoulder straps, etc. In some instances, if you’re feeling it, we can give you a little tutorial on these less complex sizing fixes.

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