Royal Peasantry

Ornate Mask with fringe and curved knife over the mouth, close up with white tree in the background and a lavender wall.


Our Earth, Royal Peasantry's Mission


Founded in deep love and connection to the Earth, our mission is to offer practical, fantastical, unique alternatives to wasteful clothing over-production. Honoring each other, everything is made locally by our crew of fairly paid craftspeople. Every object at Royal Peasantry has been touched and formed by loving and skilled human hands. Our clothes are meant to be lived in and celebrated in with a brilliantly clear and joyful conscience.

Royal Peasantry is founded on many old ideas preserved in a fermenting millennial culture, a culture dedicated to saving our earth from industrialized certain death. A movement of industrial ecology and re-skilling, patience, and conservation. We are a solution-based business which binds ethics and product. We have new skills and assets to share with our community.

Devoted to ethical creativity in both our materials, process, people, and energy, everything at Royal Peasantry is transformed with heart-centered Earth practices. We are a  design house and a collective of creative passionate souls.  Over the years we have been employing and training many designer-crafters, watching them transform and grow their own brands. Our collective successes and support is the only way we can change the fast fashion industry. We are located at 80 n Lexington ave Asheville, Nc. We do custom creative work, custom bridal, and alter our readymades to fit.




Athena Collection

Athena Collection

Athena Collection