Our Story

Founded in 1999, our design mission is to offer practical, fantastical, and unique alternatives to wasteful clothing overproduction.  We have been devoted to ethical creativity in our materials, processes, people, and energy as much as possible. Royal Peasantry transforms everything with heart-centered, patient, slow fashion practices. Honoring each other, everything is made locally by our crew of well-paid in-house craftspeople. We are a solution-based business hoping to do our part to reverse the damage done by humans.

Our mission is to use antiquities of the past, post-manufactured scrap from the now, and discarded industrialized fashion into a transformed solution, a collection of inspiring wardrobes and accessories forever.

Our mission is to be a part of a culture with a common global goal: to stop the overproduction of our resources, stop forced and abused labor, and stop the expanding demise of our Earth into the global industrial landscape and suffering Earth-based cultures. With creativity, we seek to destroy these unjust powers and all that align with them. We pray for more outstanding solutions than we could ever imagine, replacing these practices with equity, newness, healing, nourishment, ease, and efficiency.

Our mission is to invoke passion and sensual self-expression, to invoke the discovery of our unique internal layers of personal power, self-acceptance, authentic essence, divine creation, and gentle power of the soul—the ability we all are born with to love and survive—the authentic joy of the spectrum.

                                                                                                   – d

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