Grizzly Cowl Neck Cape Cloak (One Size)


Black Cape-Style Cloak with Dyed Leather Cowl-Neck

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Straight from a fantasy novel, this unique cowl-neck cloak is handcrafted by RP master designers for the more fantastical of your stylistic needs. Designed with a tastefully obscuring silhouette and composed of soft bamboo fleece with a profile-accentuating dyed leather neckline and snap-button closure designed for comfort and ease of extended wear.


  • Dyed Leather Cowl Neck
  • Bamboo Fleece Cloak
  • Industrial Snaps


Size: One Size

Measurements: Length: 47 in. | Neckline: 36 in.

Washing Instructions: Spot Wash By Hand. Hang To Dry.


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