Royal Peasantry Boutique Asheville
    80 North Lexington Avenue
    Asheville, NC 28801

    Hours of operation:
    Monday-Sunday 11-7

    Royal Peasantry is now offering rental for your costume and clothing needs. Many folks only require our high art costuming for one or two days to create their vision. This is how we can share with you in an affordable way.

    Our rental service is available for endeavors in Asheville, NC and out of town. If you have a production or idea, a masquerade, Halloween, wedding or costume party that you need to be properly dressed for, let our designers and stylists at Royal Peasantry help you find what you are looking for. From capes, wings, headdresses, gators, and gowns, we offer all of our best pieces and a creative service that you can’t beat.

    Royal Peasantry reserves the right to refuse service based on our intuition of artistic intent and environmental hazard (festivals). Please inquire for guidelines.

    Local Rental: 3 pieces for $100. Choose any three pieces from our collection for 24 hours. Accessories, clothing and costumes are all available.

    Out of Town Rental: 3 pieces for $200 for 24 hours, plus shipping both ways (insurance included). Shipping days are excluded as rental days.

    Extended Use Rental: On average our day rate is 30% off our regular rates, both in town and out of town. Anything over 1 week is considered the long term. Depending on the rental situation, shipping may be free of charge. Inquire, send us your needs and we will respond. Contact Daniella at [email protected].

    Made to Order Designs: Design fees are $65/hour plus material costs, and rental fees are 30% off the normal rate (shipping charges will incur). Please send us your vision and we will discuss the situation and our availability.

    Single piece rentals will be submitted for approval and will depend on the situation surrounding rental.

    Inquire for the lease agreement.

    We hope to enjoy many prosperous collaborative relationships with our local and global community, keeping our studio active with divine work to share with you and your audience, and be a part of your transformational journey.

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