EMF Blocking Utility Harness Bag (One size)

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As we have created the holster bag for our daily items, such as cell phones, it was only suitable to create a holster design that counters the radiation our phones give off. This holster series features a Faraday Fabric lining that neutralizes these radiation waves. Be psychically safer with this official Faraday woven copper fabric lining!

Functional, balanced, and badass, our one-of-a-kind leather shoulder holsters are a great example of intelligent, conscious fashion. Ideal for anyone looking to maintain a balanced body and move away from the conventional bag/purse. Easy solutions for traveling, beaches, working out, and going out. No need to put your valuables down anywhere. 

This handmade leather holster features two big pockets of medium-weight factory scrap upholstery leather. Each bag features two snap-close pockets, one on each side of the body, with a utility key ring on the front strap for your keys or sunglasses. Both pockets can house everything you need, from phones, wallets, and penknives, to snacks and found objects. 


Size: Small – Medium



Pocket Length: 7 in.

Pocket Width: 5.25 in.

Strap (Top of Shoulder to Pocket): 15 in.

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